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Well-rounded strategic leaders in business operations, sales, marketing, advertising and media. Expertise and diverse experience in almost all categories of Manufacturing, B2B, Retail, Service and Non-Profit. Creative talent (graphic design, collateral, web design, newsprint ads, magazine ads, radio ads, TV ads, etc.), has appeared in every medium across multiple states and online.

Charlie provides comprehensive expertise in all areas of marketing, advertising, media and sales. With ample success stories from small town clients to the Big Apple, Charlie’s individualized approach to each client is to understand the market, the clients, the customers, and donors and to grow relationships and revenue. He believes that marketing, advertising and media is NOT a guessing game but IS very strategic. He works smart, hard and aggressively on behalf of his clients. Charlie leads the very talented and experienced team for YOUR success.

Candice is a highly skilled web and graphic designer with over 20 years of extensive experience in the creative design field. She views projects through the client’s eyes. She excels at conceptual and layout design, creating aesthetically-pleasing graphics/images, developing clean styles for web sites and publications and maintaining social media platforms. Clients appreciate her passion for excellence!

Well-known for her expertise in merchandising, customer service, and management skills, Julia excels with our brick and mortar clients. She transforms stores and employees, understanding the experience of a buyer is the crucial component of success. Clients can expect her to be thorough in getting to know their business but they enjoy her attention to detail and integrity that goes into producing the bottom-line results for profit and non-profit businesses.

Cheryl believes in the power of media, marketing and advertising. Cheryl focuses on in-depth background for each and every client, large and small, to produce THEIR exact needs, leading to successful campaigns. Successes include festivals, concerts, retailers, authors, charities and service companies to name a few.



Zina Eubank


You absolutely DO work hard!!! You and your team do such a great job of committing to the success of every single client!

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Kathleen Bensi


Best at building success!

Booker Mattison


Thanks! You're a true inspiration.

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customer testimonials


  • You can expect us to be thorough in getting to know you, your company, your industry and most importantly your customers.
  • You'll enjoy our energy, creativity, attention to detail and integrity.
  • You'll know the rationale and the research that went into every decision.
  • You'll find us leading your marketing, advertising and media efforts by paying attention to detail, thinking outside the box and aggressively using all our tools, talent and experience on your behalf.
  • Together we'll have high expectations of our ability to produce bottom-line results.



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